Legislative Budgets for TRS Show Increases

TRTA Will Pursue Higher Contributions

The Texas Senate and House filed their state budget bills. TRTA’s quick evaluation of these budget bills shows a baseline increase for the TRS pension fund and the TRS-Care health insurance program!
This is very good news for all TRS retirees. It also shows that the Legislature is raising its starting point for these two vital budget items from the previous legislative session.
TRTA is very encouraged by the Texas Legislature’s responsiveness to this issue; however, this is the beginning of a very long process and TRTA is pushing for higher contributions for both the TRS pension fund and the TRS-Care program. TRTA will work for you all session to make your voice heard and push for higher levels of budget appropriations! The legislature must increase its contribution levels if retirees are to see a much needed increase in their pensions.  Read more ->http://www.trta.org/viewUpdate.cfm?UpdateID=436F7333-BA6C-2451-FBB883A64B1F2CA7 .

NOTE:  One of TIVA’s Legislative Priorities for the 83rd Session is:
Maintain the current Defined Benefits Retirement Plan administered by TRS.  The system is fiscally sound and adjustments may be made according to the economy, to keep it viable.